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fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
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Description of work field Description of work field

Nowadays, you can find less industrial products that are not a combination of different fields of engineering. If more to your living environment
And let’s pay attention to the products that are used in daily life, from digital wristwatches to washing machines
kitchen, private or public car with which we go to work, printers and scanners in the office environment, etc., all
Examples of the combination of different fields of engineering, especially mechanics and electronics.Even if with newer industrial products
To be familiar, the integration of software and computer hardware with the above areas can be clearly seen in many products, including
New smart washing machines and dryers, self-adjusting cameras, industrial robots, cars equipped with braking systems
Anti-lock, computer disk drives, microwave ovens, mobile phones, digital broadcasting system, modern defense products and
He identified medical equipment as examples of combining the mentioned engineering fields. In fact, the ever-increasing progress of science
Information technology, electronics, especially power electronics, microprocessors, as well as intelligent systems, along with the need
Increasing production of industrial products with better quality, lower cost and shorter production time, a new horizon in design and construction.

It has brought electromechanical products. This technology is based on the integration of mechanical, electronic, computer and system engineering
is control, it is called mechatronics.

Mechatronic technology has been increasingly used in many fields
Here we mention some of them. In the automotive industry, the use of engines with electronic control instead of control
Its traditional engine, i.e. carburetor, has improved engine performance and reduced fuel consumption and pollution. Also the system
Anti-lock brakes, automatic air conditioning system, electric-hydraulic power steering, electric-hybrid vehicles and…
Among other applications of mechatronic technology are in the automotive industry. In the field of industrial products with home use,

It is possible to mention the new washing machines or dryers that operate using intelligent control in order to consume
Optimizing energy, saving water, and increasing quality have been greatly improved.
In industrial products with office use, you can use laser printers and scanners, digital copy machines or disks.
He pointed out that the new drives are among the mechatronic products
Missiles or smart weapons pointed out. Also, among other mechatronic products, self-adjusting cameras, machine tools
Computers and industrial robots have made a great impact in reducing the cost and time of production and improving the quality of manufactured products.

The important and fundamental point in mechatronics education is that a mechatronics engineer must have multidisciplinary expertise.
It means that mastering the basic principles of mechanical, electronic, computer and control engineering is necessary for him because he must have the ability
Designing in different areas and finally consolidating and integrating these areas.

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