fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
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Exploration of magnetic minerals in iron deposits including magnetite, hematite


Exploration of oil and gas fields and study of geological structures


Supplementary studies of metal mines and deposit reserve determination and archaeological studies


Finding unexploded ordnance (mines, bombs, etc.) (UXO)

About the device:

This device is used to measure the intensity of the magnetic field in two modes, the total field and the vertical gradient, using the method of magnetometry and magnetic gradiometry of materials, anomalies, and rocks under the surface of the earth.

In this way, diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials and stones can be distinguished from each other. With this device, it is possible to measure the intensity of the magnetic field of the whole earth in terms of nano-tesla quickly and in a large number of impressions and present the results in the form of different magnetic profiles and maps (two-dimensional and three-dimensional).

Gradiometer Advance Pro

Device features Device features

The accuracy of magnetic field reading is below nano tesla with the possibility of gain adjustment

Wireless communication between the super sensor and the unit. Wireless communication between the unit and the software

Ability to save data in internal memory

The possibility of setting the time interval between the harvesting steps in automatic mode

Built-in protractor and gyroscope to reduce operator errors

Capabilities of simultaneously collecting and storing vertical gyroscope and total field data

Different operating modes: manual scan, automatic scan, graph scan

You have a specialized menu with practical features

You have a sound meter with LCD display

Display the temperature of the sensor housing on the LCD

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

This product was designed and made by the order of Poishgaran Sanat Bastan Company by Arta Novin Circuit Technology Company.

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