fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
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applications applications


Exploration of magnetic minerals in iron deposits including magnetite, hematite


Exploration of oil and gas fields and study of geological structures


Supplementary studies of metal mines and deposit reserve determination and archaeological studies


Finding buried unexploded ordnance (mines, bombs, etc.) (UXO)

About the device:

Magrad gradiometer scanner (MAGRAD) is a new product of Arta Novin circuit technology company, which has met the needs of most users based on the opinion of users and by taking advantage of the advanced gradiometer manufacturing experience and the addition of a large touch screen.

MAGRAD gradiometer scanner with three new and unique features: the ability to display scan generals on the screen, automatic sensitivity determination based on soil conditions without user intervention, and the possibility of setting the threshold to determine the minimum required field, opens a new horizon for customers and users. Professional gradiometric products are open.

Another feature of this product is the display of the scanned image with the ability to display real and correct fields, so that, like some foreign products, small and insignificant objects, as well as the fields caused by stones and particles, will not be seen in it, and if an item is seen in it It will definitely be metal or cavity.

This sensor can also be provided with FL1-100, FLC-100 and FLC3-70 sensors of Stephen Mayer company in Germany and in single axis and full field versions.


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product introduction Gradiometer Magrad

Device features Device features


Showing the main and real goals

The ability to display real goals and remove insignificant and miscellaneous items on the product screen


Smart power adjustment

Intelligent adjustment of the power level of the device based on the type of soil without user intervention


Threshold capability

The ability to set the threshold to separate the desired targets based on size and volume


Smart digital filter

Smart removal of solutes and particles to display real targets and enable easier analysis



In order to comply with the principles of Warm Up and create a temperature balance between the sensor and the ambient temperature


Sensor temperature display

In order to comply with the principles of Warm Up and create a temperature balance between the sensor and the ambient temperature


Speed ​​setting

The possibility of setting the time interval between the harvesting steps in automatic mode


wireless connection

Wireless communication between super sensor and PC software


Audio scan

Audio scan with graphic display on LCD (just like a metal detector with the ability to dot and pin pointer without the need for a laptop)


Line and pulse display

the frame Instant display of the number of lines and impulses taken during the scan


internal memory

Ability to save data in internal memory


Different operating modes

Different operating modes: automatic, manual, graph, etc.


Internal gyroscope

It has a built-in gyroscope to reduce operator errors

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This product was designed and made by the order of Poishgaran Sanat Bastan Company by Arta Novin Circuit Technology Company.

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