fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin
fannavarane madarpardaze arta novin

Marjan Nedaja Project, Zone C, Chitgar Town

Project specifications

Marjan Nedaja Project

Sooziyana Company

West of Morvaridshahr town



Project description

Undoubtedly, Marjan Tower will be one of the most luxurious and luxurious towers in District 22. With a height of 42 floors, it is the tallest tower in the region, and with its unique facilities and special location, it has made it possible for buyers to choose the best option. An option that has all the features and benefits. It has a type and area according to all tastes and has at least 2 north and south units of all sizes in one floor. Marjan Tower is a mirror of the modern future of Tehran’s 22nd district. Considering the low-interest loans taken by the cooperative that has been finalized, it should be said that the Marjan project is no longer an option that can be easily abandoned and should be seriously considered for investment or housing.

Use of Marjan project in Chitgar town

The 42-storey tower is coral-dwelling.

Builder of Marjan Nedaja project

The Navy’s Deputy Minister of Engineering and Passive Defense is in charge of building the Marjan Tower project.

Location of Marjan Zone C project

Golestan town, west of Persian Gulf lake, Chitgar town, zone C (Narenjestan), 42-storey coral tower

General specifications of Marjan Tower project

Marjan project in the form of a 42-storey twin tower (5 negative floors + 2 lobby and common floors + 35 residential floors) and in each floor 14 and 16 units, a total of 474 residential units in 80 (one bedroom), 105 (two bedroom), 120 (Two bedrooms), 130 (two and three bedrooms) and 150 (three bedrooms) are under construction in the skeleton installation stage.

Marjan 42 floor project facilities

– Intelligent building management

– Advanced automatic fire alarm and extinguishing systems

– Intelligent building monitoring and protection systems

– Advanced system of simultaneous generation of electricity and heat (CHP)

– lobby

– Waiting for guests and residents

– gyms

– Ceremony and celebration halls

– Administrative and commercial offices

– Security, monitoring and control of the complex

Marjan project sales, purchase and transfer procedures

The points of Marjan Tower units are deposited and bought and sold points, and all units have ownership books. The ownership book of the units in the office of Nedaja Housing Cooperative is definitely transferable and the members can sell the points of their units.

Construction contract and payment terms of Marjan Tower

The initial construction contract for Marjan Tower for the members is estimated at 2.8 million Tomans per meter, which will increase with time and the review of the cooperative. All members have to pay 10 installments depending on the size of their units, of which 5 installments have been paid, which has been once every 6 months. In order to facilitate the payment of installments by the members, the cooperative has taken an 8% loan with a 7-year repayment, which has significantly increased its speed by injecting this amount into the project.